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В Интернете набирает популярность аккаунт 55-летней австралийки с идеальной фигурой

Блогер из Австралии Ханна Орвал выложила в Instagram фотографию с мамой. И Интернет был в шоке!

У Шэрон Орвал, мамы блогера, настолько потрясающая фигура, что сложно поверить в то, что ей 55 и у неё есть внук.

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yeah this is my mum ???

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В течение последних 15 лет она работает персональным тренером и тщательно следит за питанием. Она не ест полуфабрикаты и употребляет минимум углеводов. Также она тренируется 5-6 раз в неделю. Шэрон признается, что иногда балует себя самодельным бургером.

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Shazza’s Tips for 20/20 : Actually make the decision to make a fresh start, don’t just think it. Decide on your actual goals … : WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN … make them realistic but also follow your dreams. : actually think about what will make you happy and what you know you want to do but may have been avoiding : keep a diary and make yourself accountable : be kind to yourself and celebrate every win …. it doesn’t matter how many people are proud of you. YOU MUST BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. : make being healthy and fit your automatic go to. But allow yourself cheat meals twice a week and have fun. Enjoy your food. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. : keep it simple. Food is your friend. It doesn’t have to be fancy but have an idea of which foods are best for you and your goals. : Drink plenty of water every day , and if you don’t love it….I add lemon juice , it also aids with digestion. : be GREATFUL , every day , write down 3 things every morning your grateful for. Big or small. It will teach you to look for the positive instead of the negative. : SMILE at as many people you can every day , but mean it. Smiles change peoples days and will make a bigger difference than you will ever know. : love is the key. Spend time with your family and friends that you love. Keep your circle tight, it’s not the amount of friends, it’s the quality !!! : put on clothes you love, do your hair and makeup and feel fabulous at least once a week. It will spark your happy feeling. : always wear and be whoever you want. Never feel like you have to be or look like someone else. Own your individuality and wear it like a crown. : shine !!!!! The sparkle comes from within : show kindness and be empathy to people. We can change the world by practicing this. Stop looking for negatives and find the positive in people. : exercise!!! if your not doing something physical, you are cheating yourself from time with your family. There are so many ways to exercise, find the type of exercise that makes you happy and show your family that you want to be around forever….. Part 2 NEXT POST ???…

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Сейчас на нее подписаны больше 50 тысяч человек. В своем аккаунте она делится фотографиями с внуком и мужем, а также рассказывает о питании и семье и дает подписчикам советы, как настроить себя на занятия спортом.

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